Our recording suite has a 38 channel Allen & Heath QU-32 digital console with Dsnake at its heart. Monitoring is handled by our Adam A7x & Yamaha HS8 monitor speakers. Our outboard is a selection of ART Multiverb, Pro VLAII, SCL2, Lexicon MPX200, MX300, MX400, Klark Technik KT76, DBX 1066 x 2, Roland Integra7, Roland D110, Yamaha Montage 7, Korg M50, Korg X3 & Kemper devices. We also boast an impressive selection of microphones to record your session with Shure, SE Electronics , Aston, Audix, AKG, Sennheiser, Peavey, Rode & Nady amongst others. We use Cubase 10 Pro and Logic ProX to record with both in the studio and out on location. Our live room is 30.97 Square Meters or 333.35 Square Feet and has a great natural light reverberation which is excellent for recording Drums, Guitars, Brass, Choirs & many other instruments. Our recording suite also features a vocal booth with flat response and next to no reflections.
Our philosophy is to get as best a sound at source and then enhance on a solid foundation, we do not believe in the term ‘fix it in the mix’. Our engineers Alan & Rich have many years of experience and have worked with well known artists as well having done work for companies like the BBC on a number of occasions and had recordings on general release and feature on TV & film.

Vehicle – Rebel Yell (Vehicle are a superb 5 piece band and this recording was a ‘live off the floor recording’ the vocals were tracked separately).
Texas Fraud – Walking the Dog (Texas Fraud are a fantastic three piece band and this recording was a ‘live off the floor recording’ the vocals were tracked separately).
Garry Lynall – Latina Mona Lisa (Garry Lynall is an exceptional singer songwriter and has recorded 3 albums worth of wonderful country folk music and is currently working on his fourth album with us ).
Essential 80’s – Girls On Film (Essential 80’s are one of the best 80’s tribute bands that are currently performing around the Midlands and the UK. This recording was done along with four other tracks recorded in a full days session).